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At Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center and Utah Hypnotherapy we are here to help you experience deep relaxation and relief from stress, anxiousness, pain, or injury. Our clients know that where these needs are concerned, they are in the right hands.

Our therapists truly enjoy helping people and coming to know them.  Whether we see you every week or a few times a year, we know you’ll be very happy with all we can do for your well-being.



Janece Hoopes opened Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center in 1993 and loved helping her massage clients feel better for over twenty years.  

Now Janece uses Hypnotherapy to help clients stop the limiting habits, emotions, and self-talk that holds them back, and replace it with the greater peace, confidence, and happiness they deserve.

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From AZ, Nicole strives to bring a bit of sunshine into every massage! Intuition, energy and detail work are her greatest strengths. She has been trained in many massage/energy modalities and likes to figure out which achieve the best results for YOU.

To set up a massage session, call or text Nicole at 801-615-9434.








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