Hypnotherapy Testimonials

I was dealing with extreme anxiety about a work vacation my company was taking us on. I was having almost nightly anxiety attacks and got so bad I was even too anxious to take my meds. Hypnotherapy was one of the most relaxing feelings I’ve ever had. It helped me learn to be ok with what is going on inside my brain and body. The panic attacks went from between 30 and 60 minutes down to about 5 and then they disappeared completely. I had another work vacation 2 years later and was able to work through the anxiety then too. Now when I struggle with anxiety I’m much better at understanding it for what it is and that allows me to push through it. Because of my practice with hypnosis and meditation I haven’t had to rely on anxiety medication for 4 years. When I feel the panic come back I just use my Calming Anchor [created in hypnosis] and remind myself that I’m ok. I recommend hypnosis to all my friends and family. It is shocking how powerful it is and how few people know about it. Thanks Janece

Jed R

When I first decided to see Janece as a hypnotherapist, I was very nervous. I had heard about hypnotherapy, and just wasn’t sure what it would feel like. Janece was so sensitive to that. She talked me through what the process would be, and explained how hypnotherapy could tap into resources in my own mind to aid me in helping myself. That was very helpful, and gave me a greater sense of calm. What she didn’t explain in advance was the transcendent feeling that would accompany the experience. I felt so light, so free, so positive, so spiritual, so happy, so calm… I didn’t want it to end, I enjoyed the experience so much. Through hypnotherapy, Janece has helped me to change my thought process, and help me view myself in a brighter light than I ever have. I enjoyed the experience so much that I had my traditional, and sometimes skeptical, husband try hypnotherapy as well. When he returned after his first visit, he had a brightness I’d never seen in him. It was truly remarkable. I recommend my friends and family to Janece whenever I get the chance.

Lindsey P

I was very skeptical at first, because I had tried nearly every other type of therapy and never saw results. However, after the first session, I was sold.  In that first session, I tapped into pain that had long been forgotten yet played an intricate role in how I would function on a daily basis.

Each session was better, deeper, and more healing than I ever thought possible. I now have the ability to tap into my higher powers to receive guidance. My life has a new level of peace… peace that I truly did not know could exist within me.

As for Janece, she is a warm-hearted, wonderful woman. I tend to be standoffish when it comes to meeting new people, especially therapists. I immediately felt at ease in her presence.

If you’re looking to better your life and yourself, look no further.

Chelsea W

Hypnotherapy is amazing! Janece is so great to work with. She is non- judging, open, caring, knowledgeable, and very intuitive. The work we did together changed the way I see the world, and the way I see myself and others, to a very positive light. I was able to go to deep levels of my subconscious and truly overcome fears and limitations that had been there for years.  I learned so many things ,including real forgiveness and a more unconditional love for others and for myself.  Because of this my relationships are healthier now.  I am a huge advocate for hypnotherapy and I definitely recommend it. If you are questioning it at all, just try it; it could change your whole life. It did for me!

Anna A.

My experience has been 100% satisfaction!! The staff are so welcoming and warm. After my first visit I felt like we were old friends. I highly recommend !!!!! I was hesitant with the idea of hypnotherapy only due to Utahs “culture.” I have since been taught through this experience, how powerful yet impressionable our minds are. I feel I am much more in touch with myself. With the tools I have been given I have become a stronger, healthier, more confident individual!!! Thank you Janece

amie g.

I won’t compete without doing it [hypnotherapy]. I have always struggled with confidence. After hypnosis and doing the exercises, when I go compete I just know I’m going to win and I do. It truly was one of the most liberating and empowering experiences of my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect when first trying it but was so glad I had Janece guide me through a session.. Competition aside, just for my own personal wellness it was totally worth it.  If I were to tell a stranger, friends, or family, I would say they should definitely try it. It’s been one of the best experiences and such a powerful tool for success.

Jesse O

I found my experiences with hypnotherapy to have transformed my attitude and perspective on my life. I don’t feel like I’m a slave to the evil counterpart that lives in my head. I feel like I can recognize when ‘evil me’ is talking, and make changes to my thought process to not allow me to give in to whatever is being said as truth. I am amazed at how much I can look at myself with a positive attitude now and believe those positive things. I’ve also been grateful for instruction on self-hypnosis, and how that has come in handy for a few higher stress situations. I’ve been so pleased with the results, I’ve recommended hypnotherapy to several friends.

Lindsey P

With hypnotherapy I saw immediate benefits- like with my headaches… the changes in my migraines.  I discovered that you can minimize or stop pain immediately.  I also tapped into the motivation I needed to finally get out there and exercise, and it’s really happening now!  And then there are the long-term results, like the changes in diet that came; my body started to crave better foods, and I wasn’t so tempted by junk food anymore.  I feel so much better now!

Julie D

Hypnotherapy with Janece begins with deep breathing and relaxation in order to get to a meditative, open state. I feel vulnerable and safe at the same time. It opens a door to my subconscious mind and allows me to review hidden attitudes, anxieties, and stresses that no longer serve me. With her guidance, I can then devise a pathway to change or release the internal messages. This in turn impacts my outward behavior patterns. I’ve left each session with gained insight and the improved ability to move into that relaxed state on my own. It’s been a thought-provoking and informative process.

Karen P

Hypnotherapy has been a positive and enlightening experience.  Janece has gently guided me down the path of self-exploration until I have been able view the old me through new eyes.  I have come to know myself with surprising clarity and depth, opening up new possibilities at every level.  Always rejuvenating and peaceful, I come away with more insight and greater self-perspective after each session.

Shanon B

I don’t know why I tried Hypnotherapy, only that it sounded interesting and different.  I had no specific “issue” I wanted to work on, I thought, but I scheduled an appointment anyway.  As our first session began I was immediately relaxed and felt comfortable.  After a short and non-invasive conversation with Janece I was surprised to learn that I indeed was eager to work on some very specific goals.  The clarity I gained in my first session was life-changing and unexpected.  I felt that I had direction, motivation and was excited to pursue those new-found goals with positive focus and purpose.  Thank you Janece!

Amy W

I feel peaceful and free of pain when I am in hypnosis, released from much of the tension and anxiety that I create in my body throughout the day.  My mind creates images that I can use to bring the feeling of peace back when I am not in hypnosis.  The phrases and words my subconscious gives me in hypnosis are cues I then use to calm myself down during stressful situations.

One of the results that came from this experience was the clarity that I was not happy with my chosen profession.  My work with you has given me the insight, courage, and determination to make a job change.  When colleagues questioned my dramatic decision to give up my position, I had no doubts that I was doing what was best for me.  Hypnotherapy was the tool I needed to finally start creating a happier life for myself and my family.

Thank you for being someone who really listens and who has made a difference in my life at this time!

Sarah L

Even though I was apprehensive at first, I moved forward with hypnotherapy as a way to help my brain expand into new ways of thinking and interpreting. It was not what I expected; I thought I would not have control over my body or the hypnotherapist would make me do things like act like a chicken or something. It turns out the opposite is true–especially if you trust your therapist. I was completely aware and in control at all times.

Hypnotherapy helped me to define the state that my subconscious was in.  I realized that there were [outdated] ideas surfacing that I had to change because they were standing in my way. I also thought that once the sessions were over I would be completely done or fixed; this also is not true. It is up to me to continue to expand on my subconscious thinking. My thinking process has gone far beyond what come out in the sessions—a lot of which has helped me along my path in life.

Thank you.

Scott W


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