Utah Hypnotherapy

Do you want to stop the feelings, experiences, and behaviors that keep frustrating or limiting you?

Do you wish you could truly Believe in Yourself and your Capabilities?

Would you like to feel more Peace, Inspiration, Confidence, and Happiness?

Who You Are

You want to feel authentic, peaceful, connected, or even “just normal”, but you feel stuck in certain areas of your life.  You feel frustrated, possibly even miserable, because of limiting thoughts, emotions, or actions that always seem to pop up.  You’ve tried to overcome this, on your own or even with help, but it just keeps happening.  You wish you could transform what limits you, and get it OUT OF THE WAY, so you can finally feel good about yourself, about your life and relationships, and about where you’re heading.

What Your Challenges Tend to Be

You struggle with frustration, anxiousness, overwhelm, or extreme fear that keeps you from feeling happy or normal.  These issues can show up in your relationships, your health, and your performance at work, home, or school.  You are STUCK, feeling like you’re banging up against an obstacle that you just never seem to be able to get past; It nags you and drags you down all the time.  You wish you could overcome it and move forward, but it just keeps blocking you.

What You Need Most Right Now

Changing how you automatically feel, think about, and react to things is key to creating greater happiness in your life.  To do this, it’s necessary to change the emotions and beliefs that trigger that reaction.  Since your powerful Subconscious mind controls all of these things, it’s simplest to make significant change by asking your powerful Subconscious mind to get on board with your desires. When you “uproot” the old limiting ideas and habits and you replace them with positive new information then you create a whole new and AUTOMATIC pattern in your thoughts, emotions, and actions; and this naturally leads to experiencing the good things you want for your life.

Let’s Talk

If you are wondering if I can help you with what you’re struggling with, let’s talk about your personal situation and we can see if working with me is right for you.  Or if you’re ready to jump in and know what it feels like to finally Believe in yourself, and live your life in a more Peaceful, Connected, and Authentic way, let’s get acquainted.  Click the Schedule button, above or below, and set up a free Consultation (on the phone or in person).  Let’s see if we are good fit for one another.  I look forward to talking with you!

*Is my office too far away for you?  No problem; Skype Sessions are Available! 

What Our Clients Think

Hypnotherapy is amazing! Janece is so great to work with. She is non- judging, open, caring, knowledgeable, and very intuitive. The work we did together changed the way I see the world, and the way I see myself and others, to a very positive light. I was able to go to deep levels of my subconscious and truly overcome fears and limitations that had been there for years. I learned so many things, including real forgiveness and a more unconditional love for others and for myself. Because of this my relationships are healthier now. I am a huge advocate for hypnotherapy and I definitely recommend it. If you are hesitating at all, just try it; it could change your whole life. It did for me!
Anna A., Provo

I won’t compete without doing hypnotherapy. I have always struggled with confidence. After hypnosis and doing the exercises, when I go compete now I just know I’m going to win and I do. It truly was one of the most liberating and empowering experiences of my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect when first trying it but was so glad I had Janece guide me through a session. Competition aside, just for my own personal wellness it was totally worth it. If I were to tell a stranger, I would say they should definitely try it. To my friends and family…it’s been one of the best experiences and such a powerful tool for success.
Jesse O., Provo

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