Massage Testimonials


 This is the only place I will go to have a massage.  Janece is a master of her craft. Regular massage helps me keep up with the physical demands of my life. I am so grateful that I found therapeutic massage and wellness.Ginny J


Stress. It is a constant in my life. Through my experience with TMC I have found a way to unwind the knots and approach life with renewed vigor.

Tricia P


My massage was amazing! Nichole really listened to my needs and focused on my problem areas. She was friendly and professional and what’s better- my back doesn’t hurt anymore! I will definitely be going back for more!! (Pregnancy Massage)

Carlye A


It was FABULOUS! Jonathan Day is wonderful. He truly has a gift for working on sore muscles, perfect touch massage and cares about his clients. I love the beautiful, clean rooms with soft music, the beautiful entry with comfortable leather couches, twinkle lights, the glass of water after :-).  You have created a wonderful, warm, beautiful clean, professional atmosphere with excellent massage therapists. Bravo!

Karri B


Massage therapy to me had always been an indulgence. Something that I did to treat myself and relax. I had heard that going to an experienced massage therapist made all the difference in the world, but I had always searched for the cheapest massage I could find, because my experience hadn’t taught me the difference between someone with real experience, and someone who was new to the profession. …until I met Janece. After my massages with Janece, not only did I have a relaxing and enjoyable experience during my massage, but I felt like I was being treated by someone whose knowledge and experience gave me a greater sense of wellness after I got up from the table. Janece helped me to see the difference. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an enhanced state of wellness.

Lindsey P


I’ve had many massages in my travels and one of the top 5 was in Provo, Utah…believe it or not. She listened to my needs and then gave me what felt like a very customized massage that was perfect for me. Very therapeutic yet so relaxing. I felt at ease immediately and she didn’t require conversation. Friendly but quiet, which allowed me to let go and enjoy. She was strong, experienced and very comfortable with the body, and if I have one complaint it’s that it was over too soon. I should’ve gone with a longer one.

Allen B


For over 20 years I have been coming to the Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center regularly for massages from Janece. I can’t begin to say what a major, positive difference this has made in my life. As a person who has been called a “tower of tension” who is constantly dealing with pain, these massages have helped to control and minimize the skeletal and joint issues that continually plague me. Janece has gotten me through tennis elbow, arthritic knees, stiff necks, and a host of other ills as well. I can’t praise her work highly enough. She also has been a source of information on wellness that has been of great benefit to me.

Michelle J.


Nicole gave me one of the best massages I have ever had.  She has in-depth knowledge of structure and function, and is keenly aware of any discrepancies I may have. She was able to notice unique things about my muscles and the way I was holding them unlike anyone else, and was able to work towards correcting the problems that I have been developing from tight muscles and imbalances.  She found many things that even I was unaware of until she pointed them out. I was extremely impressed with her skill which shows lots of experience working with many clients over the years as well as her brilliance and talent. I’m so excited that I found a therapist so close to home! She is very professional also, with a very nice clinic where I felt very comfortable and was treated very respectfully. She knows how to do all the modalities that athletes need and many others. She is also willing to adapt the massage techniques to your personal preferences and is flexible and receptive to feedback. It’s great to work with her.

Carrie S


Exceptional massage therapists. You feel better long after your visit. Janece helped significantly reduce the pain and frequency of my migraines. Seriously, go now. Get a massage. Stop hurting.

Julie N


I started getting massage during my pregnancy to relieve sciatic nerve pain. I was amazed how great I felt after each massage and how much better I slept as well. I’ve continued to come long after the birth of my baby because the benefits are so wonderful.

Lynnette K


I have gone there for years. Recently with problems with my arms my therapist suggested this as an alternative to constant serious pain. Janece has worked with me to improve mobility, control pain and always is willing to help try something new to initiate improvement. I have come in several times and she has said…”I’ve been thinking about your arms and I think we should try this.” It is refreshing to have a professional care and partner with me in helping find a solution. I recommend them and I have been to other massage therapists elsewhere and never received the same quality or personal care about my wellness. Thanks!

Denise A


I have been getting occasional massages at TMC ever since they opened their doors and have always come away feeling much less stress and tension throughout my body and especially in the areas where I carry that stress- my shoulders, neck and upper back. Janece is very intuitive and talented and she brings other skilled therapists in to work with her. I wish I lived closer so I could get more massages – especially as I train for marathons!

Heather P


I love my time at the Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center! I enter stressed and sore, and leave rejuvenated, relaxed, and comfortable. Janece is not just a massage therapist, she is a healer.

Tara D


In the time I have been going to Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center, I have NEVER had a bad experience. The worst I can say is an hour long massage is not long enough! On a day when I get a massage I can go in there feeling like my body aches all over, and when I come out I feel like I am well again, body and spirit. Janece is kind and gentle, as well as very gifted with her hands. Even when I don’t tell her where I am hurting or having trouble, she seems to find just the right spots that need work. In the past I have gone to see her only occasionally (a couple of times a year if I am lucky), but this summer I took advantage of the package deal (buy 5 and get the 6th free, I believe), paid for it all up front, and had a massage about every 3 weeks for a few months. It was heavenly.

April L


She did an awesome job. My favorite massage place to go!

Portia W


I had a wonderful session. She is amazing and helped sooth my tense muscles and my troubled mind. I felt calm and relaxed when I left.

Julie S


I’ve been coming to TMWC for years now. The services provided are outstanding, and the people who provide them are delightful. I cannot express enough how wonderful it is to come in. I highly recommend the message and wellness center. Come in and see for yourself- You’ll be glad you did!

Dylan T


Every time I have a session at TMWC, I always leave feeling much better than I did before. I appreciate the therapist taking the time to discuss my specific issues before hand and really targeting the area that needs work. I am amazed at how much my therapist remembers about my well-being from visit to visit. It is a very personable experience to know you are a valued customer!

Maria B


Janece is awesome. Always finds that knot or sore muscle. Courteous and kind. Always finding ways to do better, and gives discounts [through packages and specials]. She is thorough and so professional. I would recommend her to anyone.

Michelle L


Awesome.. Felt better then I had for months!

Ann M


I see Janece regularly for a massage. I often deal with chronic pain and issues and I leave feeling incredibly better and with much less pain. Janece is incredibly intuitive and knows how best to relieve my pain.  I have received the best massages from Therapeutic massage. I have yet to have one anywhere else that compares.

Ginny J


Calming environment and best massage therapists in the valley!  I have been a loyal customer for several years now and hope to continue!

Jana D


I love coming in the Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center. I come in not realizing how tight I have become until I leave and can actually put my head on the headrest in my car. I was beginning to wonder why they put them back so far!

Kathy G


It was, as always, a wonderfully relaxing experience. The massage helped to relax my muscles and clear my body of stress.  It is always invigorating walking out feeling like my body is new again.

Susan K


I absolutely love my experiences at TMC. I have been going on and off for years. I have loved l the massage therapists I have had and there have been several. It is such a peaceful environment. I have sent many friends and they love it too!

Amanda O


I so appreciated the detailed work got from Jon. My neck and shoulders had been bothering me for days. I feel so much better! Thank you!

Kyle P


My recent massage provided badly needed relief.

Abby F


Absolute best service that you could ever ask for. They were wonderful and I will definitely be going back.

Barry S


They tell you what you need to become more physically sound and fit. Helping with what you need to do, before and after the deep tissue massage, to make dramatic differences in how you feel. LOVE THEM!



I have a bad back and the magic fingers and kindness experienced is a guaranteed return visit.



I’ve been getting massages here for close to 20 years. What more need I say? I’ll say more anyway. I’m sure my body feels much better than it would had I not been getting massages here for the last 20 years! You should try it and see how much it improves your life!

Jocelyn S


Keep going back – My wife is a very picky person when it comes to receiving services such as massages. She has continually loved the personal service that she gets here. They don’t rush your massage and have all of the hot stones, scents, etc. that you could get at the high end day spas. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing. You really do melt away. I love getting her massages here because she can tell them exactly what she needs and they will adjust to help her relieve any tensions or stresses.



I love the fact that it doesn’t cost a fortune. Many options and all are affordable. I say this because I am a college student working full time. My wife is also 8 1/2 months pregnant and they were able to adjust and offer her the same full service as before. She loved the relief from being pregnant.

Eli K


Delightful, as always!

Dalia T


I had a terrible headache and the therapist really got to the root of the pain. I was surprised at how tight my whole body was. I actually felt taller even as she worked on me! And *POOF*, no more headache! What a relief!

Jess H


Best massage around, bar none!

Kathy G


Give excellent service. A+++

Joseph C





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