Heal your Body ~ Heal your Life

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You’re hurting

You or someone you care about is hurting.  Maybe you need a Massage because you’re achy, exhausted, or in serious pain.  Or you’re considering Hypnotherapy because you feel really frustrated or unhappy and you know deep down that your life could, and should, be a lot better.  Or possibly you want both because you’re ready to heal on many different levels.

You aren’t like anyone else; you need an approach that is specific to YOU

Your treatment is customized specifically for you each time you come in, based on what you tell us, and what we discern through the treatment process.  We have the experience, the intuition, and the skills to give you what you need, and we genuinely care about your results.  Our mission is to help you feel BETTER:  Healthier, Happier, and more Comfortable.

Enjoy your Life

If you’re ready to get started, Click the Schedule button above and select the service you want.  If you need more information, click the buttons for Massage or Hypnotherapy, and explore the possibilities.

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We look forward to helping you heal your body, and heal your life!


What Our Clients Think

Besides being knowledgeable and very skilled, the owner is a remarkable individual who did a phenomenal job with my massage experience there. Even if you’re unsure as to what it is you should have worked on, or just looking to be relaxed; I highly recommend visiting this business. You’ll be surprised at how much they are able to accomplish in just an hour and will leave you curious and longing to discover as to what could be done with longer times. But never will you leave in discomfort. Great owner in personality, skill, and professionalism. Staff reflects it. I recommend starting your massages here, and continuing them here as well.
Jessica M.

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